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Oxana Tovtina a linguist by education, a marketeer by profession, a passionate enthusiast of history and culture and, most importantly, a long term resident and a connoisseur of Ireland.

In 2000 Oxana landed in Dublin for a short visit, never expecting that Ireland would become her home. Coming from bustling and flamboyant Moscow, Dublin seemed modest and Ireland laid back. Her journey of discovering the vibrant culture, innovative people and alluring beauty of Ireland had begun.


It all came together after she met a love of her life and her first child was born. Oxana decided to leave behind her successful career and follow her heart. She qualified as a Tour Guide and set off to unearth the treasures of this mystical green island. Her infatuation with Ireland brought her to off the beaten track locations to explore hidden gems and little known hideaways.


Absolute Ireland Travel was born from Oxana’s desire to share her unique knowledge and experience with others.


It is a story of transformation of a lifelong passion into a successful business.  

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